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Album: Masiha bia

Arrangement: Gilbert Hovsepian
Electric Guitar: Patrick Chitarians
Acoustic and Classic Guitar: Hrag Karagoezian
Clarinet: Gigo Petrosyan
Percussions: Erfan Hatami
Mix, Edit & Master: Hrag Karagoezian

Song announcer: Azar

Credits for Monjie Donya

Lyrics written by blind Afghan Christian Zia Nodrat, who is described as the “Apostle Paul of Afghanistan.” He was martyred for his faith in 1988.

Zia Nodrat’s story:

Album: Khodaye Zende

Vocals: Mostafa Mark

Background Vocals: Prisca Jarf

Arrangement, Mix, Edit & Master: Gilbert Hovsepian

Keyboards: Gilbert Hovsepian

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